Legal spend management

Reduce ALAE by as much as 10% with ExpenseCore Legal, enabling hands-on management of all panel counsel involvement in claims litigation. Leverage predictive analytics to better inform your claims litigation strategy, prompting adjusters with the right information at the right time to avoid involving external resources needlessly, e.g. when early settlement can be achieved.

When panel counsel are involved, assign matters, store documents and communicate litigation strategy through the platform, replacing the need for endless email threads and attachments. Receive and review legal invoices through the e-billing portal, with auto-checking against billing guidelines carried out to flag non-compliant line items. We also offer a legal bill review service where attorneys with avg. PQE of 10 years review, correct and finalize your legal invoices.

ExpenseCore Legal built-in legal bill review provides the following benefits:

  • Predictive analytics - settle claims early and reduce average days in litigation with insights powered by a predictive model, helping your claim adjusters with better decision-making.

  • Legal bill review - review incoming invoices from panel counsel in real-time for compliance to billing guidelines, ensuring that you’re not overpaying for external legal services.

  • Real-time reports - monitor legal spend and panel performance with real-time analytics reports that offer insight into panel counsel burn rates, staffing levels, geography and more.

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