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Manage legal operations and reduce spend

Bring internal and external stakeholders into a collaborative and easy to use legal operations software. Track and manage the entire life cycle of a litigated claim and allocate panel counsel based on case history, scorecards and spend metrics.

Use predictive analytics for better informed decision-making, giving an edge during litigation to improve the chance of successful outcomes. Settle early and reduce average days in litigation through predictions and detecting precedence

Request matter budgets from panel counsel on-platform and track budget erosion as e-billing is received and reviewed in real-time. Enforce compliance and ensure invoices are clean with instances of overbilling removed or reduced

Analyze spend and stakeholder performance through real-time, drill down data analytics reports by category, geography and more. Understand and monitor the main metrics of your legal operations and use the information to make decisions.

  • In-depth budget tracking

  • Legal hold notifications

  • Cross-team collaboration

  • Custom predictive model

What can be predicted?
Will claim become costly?
Will claimant hire lawyer?
And much more...

Deploy predictive analytics

Improve the chance of a successful outcome with predictive analytics, helping inform your decision-making during a claim’s life cycle.

Settle early or go the distance in litigation, with decisions supported by the findings of a predictive model based on your own data.

Automate legal workflows

Replace emails, document attachments and other manual processes involved in managing legal operations and stakeholders successfully.

Leverage built-in workflows to provide instant knowledge, control and retention of an audit trail for every action and communication.

Take control of legal spend

Monitor legal spend and review legal e-billing for compliance with the help of AI, achieving demonstrable financial benefit year-over-year.

As an optional add-on, let trained attorneys conduct legal bill review for you, submitting finalized bills directly into AP system via API.

Improve panel performance

Onboard panel firms and monitor their billing compliance and matter performance through real-time, drill down data analytics reports.

Scorecard panel counsel at the closing of a claim and have the subjective score paired with objective data to guide future selection.

Trusted by some of the world’s largest brands.

Over 10 Fortune 500 companies as clients

17 years in business working globally

$1.2 billion dollars
in total client savings

Experience our legal operations software in action

Streamline legal operations and empower in-house counsel

ExpenseCore Legal is created for insurance carriers, third-party administrators and corporate legal departments looking to manage their legal operations and spend.

Predictive Analytics

Project probabilities and use the knowledge to better inform your decision-making in litigation.


Request detailed matter budgets from panel counsel and approve them, all within the platform.

Legal Hold

Automatically notify employees and partners when data needs to be preserved due to litigation.

Litigation Management

Manage all litigation matters, documents and other associated records as well as stakeholders.

Panel Management

Onboard and monitor panel firm performance, with scorecards and comparative panel reports.

Rate Management

Track and manage panel rates, specified by state, firm, branch, designation and individual.

E-Billing Portal

Receive electronic legal invoices through the e-billing portal, with disputes handled on-platform.

Case Planning

Plan case strategy and ensure all stakeholders have access to the latest information about a case.

Real-Time Analytics

Analyze performance and spend metrics through real-time, drill down data analytics reports.

Legal Bill Review

Let our team of expert attorneys review all legal invoices on your behalf, reducing overbilling.


Store, tag and track documents electronically, including receipts, bills, contracts, SLAs and more.

3rd-Party APIs

Integrate with 3rd-party tools such as Guidewire, QuickBooks and other software solutions.

Manage legal operations from a single platform

  • Centralize stakeholders

    Allocate panel counsel and communicate from within the platform, improving team efficiency.

  • Track panel performance

    Monitor performance and spend metrics from real-time, drill down data analytics reports.

  • Automate vendor e-billing

    Automate the receipt, review and processing of legal invoices, reducing overall legal spend.