Legal bill review

Let our team of expert attorneys review your legal bills in real-time, submitting finalized bills into your AP system for processing. Enforce billing guidelines without sacrificing relationships with panel counsel. For most clients, legal bill review reduces legal spend by around 6-11%, coupled with savings from a more efficient process of reviewing and paying legal bills.

To date, we have saved clients over $1.2 billion dollars through legal bill review. In addition to analyzing and flagging compliance issues, our team of legal fee auditors resolve disputes with panel counsel through the ‘dispute resolution desk’, giving panel counsel the ability to appeal line item reductions and removals through an equitable process that preserves relationships.

ExpenseCore Legal built-in legal bill review provides the following benefits:

  • Reduced legal spend - flagging and removing non-compliant line items found in legal bills leads to a legal spend reduction of 6-11% on average, with $1.2 billion dollars in client savings.

  • Increased compliance - as billing guidelines are enforced, panel counsel will gradually get more and more compliant to guidelines, making the entire process easier for all parties.

  • Better relationships - line item reductions are not final, but subject to an optional appeal process, ensuring that relationships with panel counsel are preserved or even improved.

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