Simplify expense management and processing

Create expense reports with web- and mobile app, and capture vendor invoices from email inbox or through the e-billing portal. Connect your email with the platform and automatically pull invoices into the dashboard for processing, regardless of invoice/document format, e.g. PDF, Excel or even Word.

Automatically review expense reports and invoices for errors with machine learning and pre-configured rules such as “if >$, send to supervisor” and “if “<$, pay immediately”, to name a few examples. Achieve AP automation with rules and customized workflows that permanently reduce the required admin tasks within expense management, freeing up staff for more value-add tasks.

Approve and pay invoices, as well as process expense report reimbursements through a variety of payment gateways, including PayPal, Venmo, Authorize, Stripe and other 3rd-party payment gateways. Administer e-checks, bank payments and more from within the platform, simplifying invoice payments.

  • Auto-process invoices

  • Access on iOS & Android

  • Generate custom reports

  • Integrate with 3rd-parties

Automate accounts payable

Take an invoice or expense from received to reviewed and processed in seconds, with as much automation available as desired.

Decide whether or not you want humans to review each and every invoice, or only certain invoices, leaving the rest to machine learning.

Empower your finance team with easy expense management

ExpenseCore is created for finance departments that are looking to streamline expense management; processing invoices and expense reports with rules-based automation.

Invoice Processing

Review invoices with rules-based automation, taking invoices from received to approved and paid.

Expense Reporting

Create expense reports that are automatically checked for their compliance to expense policy.

Risk Monitoring

Onboard vendors and staff with built-in risk monitoring to detect malicious and irregular behavior.

Data Analytics

Access real-time spend metrics across categories, vendors, staff and various other types of spend.

Mobile Enabled

Capture expenses on any mobile or tablet, including images of receipts and other documents.

Data Parsing

Auto-parse documents such as invoices and receipts into the system from email, PDF & more.

Payment Gateways

Process invoice payments using a plethora of gateways, including Venmo, PayPal, ACH and more.


Store, tag and track documents electronically, including invoices, receipts, contracts and more.

3rd-Party APIs

Integrate the platform with other tools such as QuickBooks, Intacct and other accounting software.

Manage all expenses from a single platform

  • Capture expenses and invoices

    Let staff create expense reports and parse bills from email, regardless of document format.

  • Monitor spend with live reports

    Track and analyze organizational spend with real-time, drill down data analytics reports.

  • Track and control vendors

    Onboard vendors into the system and let them submit digital invoices through e-billing portal.

Over 10 Fortune 500 companies as clients

17 years in business working globally

$1.2 billion dollars
in total client savings