Automate the expense allocation process

Simplify expense allocation for your fund by replacing Excel, bringing all key stakeholders into a single platform for tracking, processing and auto-allocating expenses across your funds. This can be based on AUM, NAV and configurable allocation tables imported into the platform, or manually down to the line item.

Stop emails back and forth with document attachments, making it hard to track changes and risking misallocation due to errors within the process. The SEC has designated expense allocation as an investigative priority, and funds that end up misallocating expenses — even if by mistake — face massive fines.

Connect the platform to your email inbox and automate the entire workflow of receiving, processing and allocating an expense. As invoices are received over email, the platform detects the files and takes various formats such as PDF and Excel, converting it into digital data. This then allows for automatic review and allocation, with optional second-layer human review and approval of invoices.

  • Allocation by AUM/NAV

  • Cross-team collaboration

  • Customized data reports

  • Third-party integrations

Capture T&E Expenses Across All Devices
Auto-Process Vendor Invoices
Store, Tag & Track E-Documents
Access In-Depth Analytics Reports
Maintain Digital Audit Trail of Allocations
Dynamically Allocate Bills by AUM/NAV

Track time and T&E expenses

Capture and allocate time, travel and other expenses through both web- and mobile app, accessible on Android and iOS devices.

Alternatively, integrate with 3rd-party accounting or expense platforms and pull T&E directly into the platform for allocation.

Empower your fund organization’s back-office

ExpenseCore Fund is created for hedge funds, private equity firms and other asset managers that allocate expenses amongst funds.

Expense Allocation

Allocate all expenses seamlessly among funds, either manually or based on pre-configured rules.

T&E Reporting

Capture and allocate T&E on both mobile and computer, or API into your existing expense system.

Dynamic Allocation

Auto-allocate expenses based on AUM, NAV and other metrics as well as configurable if/then rules.

Invoice Capture

Detect and parse invoices from email, converting formats such as Excel and PDF into data.

Budget Tracking

Configure, monitor and enforce budgets, limiting budget breach and providing better oversight.

Invoice Review

Auto-review invoices based on rules, or assign human reviewers as well as supervisor approvers.

Deal Allocation

Create deals and allocate against them. Reallocate expenses if the deal closes or doesn’t materialize.

Audit Trail

Track every single allocation and action taken within the platform, providing a complete audit trail.

Real-Time Reports

Monitor spend metrics through real-time, drill down reports that showcase all fund expenditure.

Manage fund expenses from a single platform

  • Allocate and apportion expenses

    Digitize the expense allocation process, with all steps able to be managed within the platform.

  • Create and allocate T&E expenses

    Create and allocate T&E expenses recorded by staff, whether it’s receipts or hours worked.

  • Auto-process vendor invoices

    Apply rules-based automation to the review, allocation and payment of vendor invoices.

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