Panel management

Improve your panel management with ExpenseCore Legal. Onboard panel firms, manage rates and allocate matters from within the platform. Avoid endless email threads and attachments by housing all panel counsel communication within a single dashboard. Track panel performance such as burn rates, billing compliance and other metrics through real-time analytics reports.

At the closing of a matter, submit a scorecard to indicate the effectiveness, quality and other metrics of a specific panel firm. This subjective data, coupled with objective data, is then used for benchmarking and to indicate which panel firm is the best selection on future matters. Increase panel transparency and performance through all of the above, built into our platform.

ExpenseCore Legal improves panel management through these key features:

  • Digital workflows - by moving panel management into a digital environment, tasks such as budget requests and budget approvals can be done digitally without re-keying any data.

  • Predictive analytics - benchmarking panel firms allows for the best performing counsel to get preference when allocating future matters, reducing cost and improving outcomes.

  • Real-time reports - monitoring legal spend and panel performance in real-time provides increased visibility into the usage of external resources, aligning legal and finance depts.

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