Invoice management

Take invoices from receipt through review, approval and payment in minutes with rules-based automation. Capture invoices from email inboxes regardless of format, pulling in PDFs, Excel and Word documents and parsing them so that the data can be interpreted by ExpenseCore. Remove the headache of manually rekeying data from invoices into AP for review and payment.

Set up automated workflows with rules such as "if email is 'X' and subject line includes 'Y', then parse the invoice into the system, and if invoice total is <$Z, then approve and pay", enabling for the complete automation of invoice management. Rules can also decide if a vendor invoice should be forwarded to staff or requires the approval of a supervisor based on certain criteria.

ExpenseCore built-in real-time data analytics reports provide the following benefits:

  • Automatic review - auto-review vendor invoices against billing guidelines using machine learning, flagging any potential issues and/or errors found for rejection or correction.

  • Rules-based assignment - auto-assign invoices for review/approval to different members of the organization based on criteria such as invoice amount, vendor, category and beyond.

  • Email inbox parsing - auto-pull invoices into the system from your email inbox(es), with rules set up to identify which emails should be pulled (i.e. those with vendor invoices).

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