E-billing portal

Let vendors submit clean invoices directly into the review, approval and payment workflow within ExpenseCore using our e-billing portal. Vendors get their own credentialed login to the portal and have the ability to track invoice status, e.g. payment, rejection or requested changes, and can also clean their invoices pre-submission by screening them against billing guidelines.

The e-billing portal accepts PDF, Excel, Word and other formatted invoice imports. In addition, vendors can create invoices directly through the e-billing portal itself, including the ability to track time with billing timers. An alternative we also offer is plugging external billing platforms that vendors may use into the e-billing portal with APIs, pulling in invoice data directly.

ExpenseCore built-in real-time data analytics reports provide the following benefits:

  • Easier submission - the e-billing portal makes submitting invoices and tracking time very simple, while replacing the need for staff to transcribe PDFs and other formatted invoices.

  • Quicker turnaround - electronic invoice submission allows for rules-based automation and machine learning review of line items, increasing the speed of processing vendor invoices.

  • Less disagreement - prior to submitting an invoice, vendors can screen it against billing guidelines, ensuring a lesser number of billing disputes due to compliance issues.

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