Data parsing

Parse data from invoices and other documents into ExpenseCore automatically, replacing the need for staff to manually read and transcribe PDF, Excel, Word and other file formats into text. Set up rules to automate the receipt and parsing of invoices from email, e.g. pulling all invoices sent to the inbox "[email protected]" with the subject line of "X" into the system.

Whether it's a vendor invoice, K1 form or different document, our system handles the automatic parsing of the file across different formats. The only requirement is to build a library for our data parser, enabling it to understand the specific document/file that it is handling. Our service desk can build out new libraries by request, with a small service charge to cover development fees.

ExpenseCore built-in real-time data analytics reports provide the following benefits:

  • Automatic capture - pull invoices and other documents into the system automatically, replacing the need for human-manual tasks such as transcribing a PDF formatted file.

  • Email integration - parse data into the system from several email inboxes concurrently, pulling invoices sent to a specific email, containing a certain keyword, or similar criteria.

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