Data analytics reports

Get a bird's eye view of your organization's vendor spend, panel performance, staff utilization and more. Access real-time, drill-down data analytics reports that inform decision-making. Compare panel and staff performance against industry benchmarks. Identify cost and profit centers, and gain complete visibility into key metrics that are driving your organization forward.

Keep your finger on the pulse with reports accessible from the ExpenseCore Legal dashboard, with different tiers of access depending on user type/seniority. Claim adjusters may have access to panel counsel metrics, but not organization-wide spend, whereas the chief financial officer and general counsel would have a complete view of all tracked legal and finance metrics.

ExpenseCore built-in real-time data analytics reports provide the following benefits:

  • Monitor legal spend - monitor the use of panel counsel and all outgoing legal spend, with metrics such as billing compliance, burn rate, practice areas, geography and more provided.

  • Track performance - track how panel counsel and staff are performing against key metrics and even industry benchmarks, guiding the selection of resources for future matters.

  • Identify opportunities - identify problem areas and opportunities for growth within your organization, providing data-backed insight to inform decision-making by stakeholders.

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