Data analytics

Get a complete overview of organizational expenses, vendor usage, invoice metrics and much more. Access real-time, drill-down data analytics reports that help inform business decisions. Alternatively, push snapshot reports at timed intervals over email. Identify cost and profit centers by gaining visibility into key financial metrics that are fueling the organization.

Keep your finger on the pulse with data analytics reports accessible from within ExpenseCore, with different tiers of access depending on user type/seniority. Junior staff may have access to their own expense metrics, but not organization-wide spend, whereas the chief financial officer and select other senior staff would have a complete overview of all tracked data points.

ExpenseCore built-in real-time data analytics reports provide the following benefits:

  • Monitor expenditure - monitor vendor spend and staff expenses, with metrics such as billing compliance (if vendor), expense policy compliance (if staff) and more provided.

  • Track vendor usage - track how vendors are being utilized within the organization, with associated finance metrics and even vendor comparisons available within the system.

  • Identify opportunities - identify problem areas and opportunities for growth within your organization, providing data-backed insight to inform decision-making by stakeholders.

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