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A message from ExpenseCore's founder

Our mission

ExpenseCore was created with one goal in mind: digitizing and automating back-office workflows to generate immense financial benefits to clients.

Since starting 17 years ago, we have generated over $1.2 billion dollars in value with solutions that span several industries. The mission is to continue on this path, innovating and improving as we go.

Gary Roy Markham
Founder & Chief Executive

Gary Markham

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Key milestones & achievements

ExpenseCore is a product suite comprised of solutions that span multiple different industries and use cases. Here are some of the key events that shaped us.


LSG, the sister company of ExpenseCore, is launched with legal technology as its primary product development focus.


The company is now operating in over 50 countries, delivering technology that meaningfully reduces legal spend.


The fourth company office opens, now with a global presence in United States, United Kingdom, India and Australia.


LSG launches aXpire to create financial technology solutions after winning an RFP with a top 10 global hedge fund.


LSG and aXpire’s solutions are rebranded and offered as a combined product suite under a common name: ExpenseCore.

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Picture from the office in Kochi, India

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Want a working environment where you can have a real impact, and where you are valued both as a human being and teammate? If so, ExpenseCore might be a good fit. Apply and let’s find out!

ExpenseCore is an equal opportunity employer, with a diverse, global team working from office hubs as well as remote staff working from home.

Trusted by some of the world’s largest brands.

Over 10 Fortune 500 companies as clients

17 years in business working globally

$1.2 billion dollars
in total client savings