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Tailored solutions for:

Financial advisors

General counsel

Finance officers

Wealth managers

Claim officers

Finance managers

Procurement staff

Risk managers


Reconciliation staff

In-house counsel

Finance directors

Panel managers

ExpenseCore is a suite of tailored solutions for a multitude of different industries and professionals, stretching from finance to admin and even legal stakeholders. Whether you’re a financial advisor, general counsel or CFO, ExpenseCore can help.

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Import invoices

Automatically parse invoices into the system from you email inbox, regardless of format, e.g. PDF.

Capture expenses

Easily create expense reports with voice-to-text and OCR scanning of receipts, for staff and contractors.

Process payments

Automate the review of all spend, only requiring staff involvement if rules such as “>$X” are activated.

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Core features and benefits

The ExpenseCore suite of solutions includes features focused on automating administrative tasks, freeing up time for more value-add tasks and decreasing the cost incurred by organizations. Regardless of industry, implementing ExpenseCore will lead to cost savings.

Expense reporting on my device

Capture expense on mobile, tablet and computer, and scan receipts with OCR.

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Automated invoice review and payment

Simplify AP with rules-based automation of invoice review and payment processing.

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Vendor e-billing submission portal

Receive electronic invoices through the e-billing portal, used by vendors and staff.

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Multi-format invoice capture and parsing

Parse documents such as invoices into the system from email, PDF and more.

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Vendor onboarding and risk assessment

Onboard vendors, track their performance and auto-flag malicious or errant behavior.

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Data analytics and reporting dashboard

Analyze spend metrics and staff/vendor performance by looking at real-time reports.

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Simplify invoice management

Achieve rules-based automation of the AP process, streamlining the workflow of taking all invoices from received to reviewed, approved and paid.


Improve vendor management

Onboard, track and monitor vendors, improving oversight and control as well as transparency into key vendor spend and performance metrics.


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